Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crying Buckets is Okay Except not

Long time no talk! I've been busy crying my eyes out while writing. I have no idea why, I'm usually a very unexpressive person, especially when it comes to tears, but this book has wormed its way into my heart and yanked it around.

I finished my 40k contemp today, it focuses on drugs and, well, drugs! I think the blurb I made up explains it better than I could in this emotional state.


"After Cynthia's father dies in a car accident her little brother goes mute, her hotel maid mother is told by God to become a teacher, and Cynthia starts making and selling pills from the stall in her high school's bathroom.

Except the pills are fakes, and they get insanely popular lightning fast. Cynthia is tossed ass first into the whirlwind world that is big league drug dealing, scraping by with the help of a fallen drug lord out for revenge on the current king of the town, Eight Gold Eli. Throw in the fact Cynthia has no idea what to do with so much money, that her crush's dad is a DEA agent bent on busting her, and that Eli won't stop until she's dead or out of business, and you have the recipe for the perfect disaster - or the perfect emotional recovery from the addiction of misery

I don't know why this book got me all emotional. It's very close to my heart in some ways, and I'm very excited to start querying it!

On another note, I've gotten into making vanilla wafers cookies, and they are the best things on the planet! I'll edit the recipe in here later. <3


  1. Um, this sounds AWESOME! And Yay for finishing...congrats! :D

  2. well, i dont know what to say about all the inexplicable crying...but holy moly your book sounds FANTASTIC! :)