Friday, August 9, 2013

Candid thoughts and toothpaste faces

Hello friends! It has been a while. おひさしぶりですね!!

I just put toothpaste on my face to ward off zits. A nice woman at the grocery store told me it helps, so I'm trying it out. She was very candid and I think she inspired me to be a little candid.

So here are some very candid facts I wish I knew as I was working towards becoming an author;
A. There are no rules. The only writing rule is to write. Put as many ‘theys’ and ‘ands’ as you want in a sentence. Use every adverb in the world if you want. Do not sacrifice your wonderful natural voice because some poop king told you not to type the letters ‘ly’ too much. 
B. The first book you write will not be the one that sells. (realistically!) Write many books. Love them all equally. Each of them helps you get better, and if you do snag an agent/publishing deal with one, you can always revamp the old ones and try to sell them, too, so it’s not like you’re dumping them forever. Don’t re-write a book that is your baby to death and choke the life out of the possibility of writing something new, exploring something new, and becoming better. If you do not change you will not improve. If you do not improve you will not advance (in the industry). It’s that simple.   
C. You will get rejected. But if you focus on the fact they’re not rejecting you for YOU, but that agents/editors are rejecting you because it is a BUSINESS, it’s much easier to swallow. It’s a business. Let that become your mantra. No one hates you. No one hates your work. They just don’t think they can sell it and they need to put food on the table as well because they are humans and sometimes, when we get excited about our art, we forget that. 
D. Thanks! You are beautiful! Keep going! I have to wash this toothpaste off so hopefully when I blush I won't smell like burning mint.