Current Projects

Fear Me Not - YA/Sci-Fi

When the government desegregates her high school to include aliens, Victoria Hale meets Shadus - the alien boy whose family was massacred by her fanatic mother. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to discover the truth behind the massacre, the government's hand in it, and why the aliens are dead-set on ruining Victoria's family.

Status: on submission

Princess of Lies - YA/Horror/Thriller

When she was six, Tallie Brenson was kidnapped and kept in a basement with three other girls. The psychopath who did it was caught before he could kill them. Ten years later, Tallie struggles with PTSD, and the other girls are no better off. When the first girl dies in circumstances mirroring a song the psychopath used to sing, Tallie chases the song - and the demon she's been running from - to save her remaining friends.  

Status: on submission

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