About Me

Name: Michelle Painchaud (It means hot bread in french I think?)

DOB: September 4th, 1990

Status: Mostly alive and mostly fat

Expertise: Baking weird things, yelling weird things, writing weird Young Adult books, and being generally not-weird if at all possible (it's not possible). Videogames, peach vodka, and cats comprise 68.2% of my life.

How'd you get into writing?

In fifth grade I wrote a Pokemon fanfiction that ended up being 1,636 pages. I was a cool kid and not nerdy at all in case you couldn't tell. But I was hooked. After graduating high school and deciding to work full-time, I wrote five books and stumbled upon a sixth that landed me a wonderful agent.

I'm repped by Jessica Faust of Bookends, LLC, and my current projects can be found here.

Are you a Vulcan?