Young Adult Thriller
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Erica Silverman has it all - wild popularity, debutante beauty, scintillating smarts. But she can’t tell the truth.

That her name is Violet, not Erica.

That she’s sixteen, not seventeen.

That the real Erica Silverman, the one who was kidnapped at the age of four, is dead.

Violet is pretending to be Erica. She has DNA from the body the police haven’t even found, plastic surgery, and convincing memories. Violet is her conman father’s protégé, and this is their last sting - trick Erica’s mother into giving Violet the code to a priceless painting. But Violet falls in love with Erica’s life - the sweet mother, horde of good friends, and the witty six-foot-something who pushes her away but still blushes. Violet’s never had a life on the straight and narrow. She burns for it.
Violet wants to steal the painting and run. Erica wants to stay and live a lie. The girl torn between them fights to keep sane - money, or her soul? Security, or love?

Violet, or Erica?