Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pitch Wars Mentor Wishlist!!

Hey everyone! It's that time again! Pitch Wars is here and I'm psyched as hell to be a mentor!

Confused about what Pitch Wars is? Check it out here!

And now for my wishlist. Keep in mind, if you think I'd like something but I don't specifically mention it on this list, send it! It doesn't hurt to send to me, and I look over every entry very carefully. If you submit to me, I'll definitely give it my whole time and consideration!


1. I know the query game like my own left foot. We'll work together and hone yours to disturbingly awesome sharpness.

2. I'm enthusiastic! I USE A LOT OF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will always get a quick response from me - I choose projects I'm enthusiastic about and you'll get the brunt of my undying love.

3. I'm cool and you're cool. Clearly we're a match made in heaven.

Also, thanks for choosing me! I mean, wow. I am honored. Have a kiss from a fabulous long-haired man whom I do not know the name or origin of.


1. YA/Sci-Fi

This is the biggest want on my list. Space, futuristic technology, cool robots, aliens - anything that is Sci-Fi with teens is right up my alley. I'm not too keen on time travel, however, and I'm generally burnt out on the clone concept. Other than that, give me. I am making grabby hands at my screen but you just can't see them. Alas.

2. YA/Historical

It's a commonly known fact I'm a huge history nerd. I love Europe and have a particular fondness for Asia. If your Historical has Fantasy, then double the YES factor from me. I've been dying for a good Historical Fantasy forever.

3. YA/Horror/Thriller

As you may know, my debut novel is a thriller, and there's quite a few agents raring for those, so I'd love to work on a project with creepy elements like kidnapping, stalking, murder, suicide. Anything that pushes the boundaries of YA and takes us on a ride into the darker side is also right up my alley.

3.5 YA/Contemporary

I'm a huge fan of contemporary in YA, however I generally prefer darker contemporary stories. If yours is a light romance, I'll probably not like it. 

3.75 YA/Fantasy

I've been dying to read a good Fantasy. High Fantasy is a special love of mine, but regular fantasy quenches the thirst as well.

4. In General

Don't be afraid to submit to me! I like wit, spunk, and projects that aren't afraid to tackle hard subjects. Sarcasm is a five star plus. Tortured romance is a five star plus. Literary elements are a five star plus. Magical realism is a huge plus. If in doubt, check my goodreads shelf (link on the sidebar!) to see if your project might be something I'd like!

I Do Not Want:

1. YA/Contemporary with a focus on romance
2. YA retellings of fairy tales
3. YA Paranormal or Urban Fantasy

And now for the list of awesome agents who will be judging this contest!!

1.       LouiseFury  Bent Agency
2.       SuzieTownsend  New Leaf Literary
3.       NicoleResciniti - The Seymour Agency
5.       SarahLaPolla  Bradford Literary Agency
9.       QuinlanLee - Adams Literary
14.   LanaPopovic and Natasha Alexis - Zachary Shuster Harmsworth
16.   EvanGregorgy - Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency


  1. How about an epic Historical, set in Japan where the protag is a youth for 50 pages?

    1. Is the youth a teenager throughout the story? If you grow him/her up straight to being an adult, I'm afraid that falls into the Adult genre!! Sorry!!

  2. Yes, she "grows up" LOL, thank you for your response..I am very excited and at least we will be in the same event, as I sort out who looks like a good fit I thought I'd ask. Cuz you look awesome...next year when my my YA is done.

    : )

  3. Your kissing man made me so very very happy. I believe I will submit to you! YA sci-fi thriller. Now I must go finish revising. Good night and Happy Turkey Day!

  4. You like Sci-Fy but how about post-apocalyptic/dystopian? There's no aliens unfortunately but there are mutated people!