Sunday, September 2, 2012


Happy Labor Day weekend, author friends! I have been so incredibly busy my head is now on backwards. My lovely agent sold my book (check the Books page! Squeee!) and I'm getting ready for a move! Mostly my head is still on straight, and things are settling, so let's get back to regular communications!

I'm proud to announce I'm re-opening the Punch My Query segment. For details on how to submit, see this post! Ideally, I will post one PMQ every Friday. Please keep in mind that depending on how many submissions there are, I may not use your query. This could also be because a previous query was similar and addressed similar issues, but fear not! If you submit, but I do not use your query, I will still read it privately and send you a paragraph or two of feedback! That way, everyone wins!

I'm super excited to start this up again! Submit, submit!

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