Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes a writer just needs to cry.

Yes!! Yes! yes. It's been one of those days.

I'll say this again; everytime I get a rejection on a partial or full I FRICKING LOVE the feedback I get. It inspires me to do better, write better, write and plot and think harder, longer, faster, stronger, that one Daft Punk Song Kanye Sampled, etc.

Just the fact that agents are actually reading my stuff - MY STUFF - is surreal. Sometimes I have to go; OKAY is that really a request for more material in my inbox? Really? Am I just tripping on Dayquil again? NO?! WHOA SO IS THIS LIKE FULL BLOWN REALITY OR SOMETHING?!

So, man. I totally understand when I get rejected. I do. It's a tough world out there. I do my best. We all do our best. At the end of the day, as long as you honestly did your best, that's all you can do. My writing isn't exactly really awesome. It's got a long way to go, sometimes I just kinda wish I had an agent to help me along in that process, you know? I feel like I can't do it all on my own, when everyone says you SHOULD be able to.

So, I love rejections because they seriously give me the best writing advice.

But they also make me cry.

And that's swell! I think crying is just as important as like...breathing. Espeically with writing. As soon as I get done crying (THIS ROUND LASTED ALL OF FOUR MINUTES THAT'S A LONGEVITY RECORD) I get up, determined to write more, faster, better, harder, see above with that one crazy picture.

I think writers should cry a lot. I think if you don't, that's kinda like you're missing out on the best parts. Like a cake without the ice cream, or the chili without the rice, or the pasta without the sauce...can you tell I'm hungry?

If you have to cry, CRY. I'm giving you permission! (:D) It's a tough freaking industry! You wrote an awesome book! You did your best! You've done what not many people even have the time to do! You sacrificed lunch hours and free time and friend time just to do this! You worked really hard! You are good! You are the best! Go ahead and cry, damnit. You deserve a quiet moment to yourself to appreciate your works and accomplishments, no matter how small, with tears. Someone, SOMEWHERE out there will love your book! They won't just say 'it's not my cup of tea', it won't just be another mediocre disappointment for them, they'll actually LOVE it! Can you imagine that?! Neither can I, but it will happen one day for you lovely writer people!

Oops - was supposed to be catching up on backlog at work. :P



  1. Huggles....rejections in the agent and submission process suck all the way around. Yes, you can hopefully glean important stuff from them, but at the same time, no one enjoys "losing" at the game.

    Sending you tissues!! Well, the ones I'm not using.

  2. I am totally bookmarking this, so when I'm in query hell, it will remind me that it is normal to cry and get upset over an R.

    <3 ya girl!

  3. "I think writers should cry a lot. I think if you don't, that's kinda like you're missing out on the best parts"

    This is exactly it! Okay, here's a story I'm giong to try and tell fast...

    When I was 16, my dad told me he could buy me a new car instead of the POS that I had that kept breaking down, BUT then I would never know the joy of buying my first brand new car on my own.

    Same kind of thing. If you don't cry tears of sadness, can you fully appreciate the tears of joy?

  4. Hugs! It's SO hard. But I love your positivity here.

  5. This just in: Michelle, I love you. But mostly just for your paint skills :D

  6. *Huggles* I'm so sorry about the rejections... but I know you'll get there. You're so awesome! Love youuu! :D

    By the way, I gave you a blog award!

  7. it must be so...frightening yet exhilarating to be sending out work to agents and knowing THAT IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING READ! im far from that stage in my career but im kind of looking forward to it! will prepare myself for the tears, though.
    and hope you make it soon! love your enthusiasm! :)

  8. I'm a believer! Preach it. :D <333 you and your book!